From 23 – 26 May 2019 the Gothenburg Symphony launches a brand new international festival featuring four world premières, three orchestras, two club nights, a film screening, and some ten concerts.

Highlights include two programmes with Festival Artist Patricia Kopatchinskaja and the Gothenburg Symphony; a world première by Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdóttir; three exciting concerts with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra; the world première of “Blodhov” by Swedish composer Karin Rehnqvist, featuring soloist Lena Willemark; a guest performance of the acclaimed Canadian multi-media project Life Reflected with The National Arts Centre Orchestra; and Club nights with DJ and producer Gabriel Prokofiev, grandson of Sergei Prokofiev

Sten Cranner, General Manager and Artistic Director of the Gothenburg Symphony, is proud to launch this prestigious project, commenting: “We wanted to gather selected statement projects and create new ones, with an underlying theme: life’s destinies, important human stories, voices that should be heard. And I’m really happy with the outcome. I think that we have managed to create a programme that in one way or another will change the lives of the festival visitors.”

Music, art, dance and performance all mingle at the Point Music Festival in Gothenburg with a passion to expand the arts experience of the visitors. The scope is wide and inspiration vivid in every corner of the Gothenburg Concert Hall. Famous for both its design and acoustics, the hall will go through a physical transformation during the festival, with lighting and scenography atmospherically framing the diverse and exciting activities. Music is of course the core of the festival, with a host of excellent artists.

“We are especially grateful to welcome the charismatic Patricia Kopatchinskaja as Festival Artist in Bartók’s posthumous Violin Concerto and as narrator in Schönberg’s groundbreaking Pierrot Lunaire. Germany’s Ensemble Recherche premières Karin Rehnqvist’s Blodhov with folk music artist Lena Willemark, and the Canadian multi-media concert Life Reflected, which tells the stories of four totally different individuals, is moving beyond words. Presenting a new work by Anna Thorvaldsdóttir, which also features the Icelandic Dance company, and ending the day with Gabriel Prokofiev’s club performance is what Point Music Festival is all about. We also want to express our gratitude to the Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture for their generous contribution which makes it possible for us to organise this fantastic festival to the enjoyment of all visitors.”

Point Music Festival is implemented with the support of the Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture.